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February 21st

posted Feb 21, 2019, 4:50 AM by Tracey Collinson

Did you know…
That there is lots to eat at Carnaval, too?  Some traditional foods include la tire, a traditional maple syrup toffee that is heated and then poured onto the snow and rolled up, sort of like a maple syrup lollipop.  Another favourite is poutine: cheese curds and gravy over fries.  Did you know that poutine has been around since the 1950s?  Beaver Tails have also made their way into the Carnaval.  What will we eat at our HG Carnaval?  Pancakes and maple syrup.  We will have hot chocolate, as well, to warm us up!

Savez-vous que…
Il y a beaucoup de nourritures différentes de manger au Carnaval de Québec.  Vous pouvez manger de la tire: le sirop d’érable qui est bouilli puis versé sur la neige.  C’est une sucette du sirop d’érable!  Il y a de la poutine aussi: une collation qui a été inventé des années 1950.  Ce sont des frites, du fromage en grains et de la sauce.  Beaver Tails, les queues de castors, sont prêts à manger au Carnaval.  Qu’est-ce que nous allons manger au Carnaval de HG?  Des crêpes avec du sirop d’érable.  Nous allons boire du chocolat chaud pour nous réchauffer aussi!

All girls in Grades 4-6, who signed up for Girls Club, are reminded of our session after school.  Remember to bring all of your items (backpack, coat, boots) with you to the staff room, as you will be dismissed from there.  Please wait for Ms. Young before going into the staff room.  If you need to remind your parent or guardian about this after school session, please give them a call before the end of the day.  Thank you.